You need to know how to take the Vilitra

You need to know how to take the Vilitra

How to take the Vilitra

As mentioned earlier, it is better to start with 20mg. However, men that are older than 65 years should start with 20mg. They can upgrade the dose based on the results of their first use. It is best taken about 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex and its effect usually lasts for about 4 hours in the body on the average.

If 20mg tablet is not effective, you can increase the dose. If 20mg does not sustain erection for up to 4 hours for you or it does not give erection that is strong enough, you can upgrade to 40mg tablet. However, there are two important precautions involved. Never take the drug more than once a day. Secondly, do not take more than 40mg no matter what.

Once again, sildenafil or Vilitra does not give sexual arousal. It only works on sexual arousal. If there is no sexual arousal, Viagra will just be a waste of money. So, if your sexual conditions include low or lack of sexual urge, you need to work on it before taking Viagra.

Grapefruit, alcohol, and fatty food can reduce the efficacy of the drug. So, you must avoid them if you intend to take the drug. In fact, it is also important to reduce the quantity of food you eat for Viagra to work effectively. There are other erectile dysfunction drugs but you need to stick to one of them at the same time. Combining Viagra with another erectile dysfunction drug will most likely result in some adverse effects.

Although the Vilitra 20mg tablet is very effective, for some reasons, it may not work for everyone. However, you need to try it at least 4 times before you conclude that it does not work for you. It is only when the drug fails to yield the desired results for 4 straight times that you can change the drug.

Vilitra 20 can only play its role of increasing the blood flow to the penis when you have a healthy nervous system and natural arousal. If your erectile dysfunction is caused by spinal injury, Viagra may not work for you. If your erectile dysfunction has psychological or emotional causes, you may need to combine counselling with the use of the drug.

Facts about Vilitra

It is effective for erectile dysfunction regardless of the age of the users.

Alcohol, fatty food and huge quantity of food all reduce the effect of the Vilitra 20 so you should avoid them when taking the drug.

It should be taken between 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

It lasts for about 4 hours on average.

The active ingredient in the drug is Vilitra 20mg

It is meant for erectile dysfunction.

Alternative drugs

With the emergence of Viagra, the popularity of other erectile dysfunction drugs plummeted because Viagra’s popularity and its effectiveness eclipsed that of other ED drugs. In fact, a lot of people are not aware that there are alternative ED drugs. Some of these alternatives are:

Spedra: whose active ingredient is avanafil.

Levitra: whose active ingredient is vardenafil.

Cialis: whose active ingredient is tadalafil.

Sildenafil: (generic Viagra).

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