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Vardenafil is a tablet that relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels in the male penis and increases blood flow to it. Due to this, this medicine removes impotence in men. Vardenafil has proved to be a panacea for curing many other things.

Dangerous sign of Vardenafil

Vardenafil is such medicine that is a panacea for erection, so this medicine will be more effective only if no other health-related pills take with this medicine. If any health-related tablets are needed to take with Vardenafil medicine, the doctor’s permission will have to take first, because they know about your health.

If we talk about one way, both Vardenafil and Nitrate drugs have a score of thirty-six. Patients do this medicine when they have chest pain. The drug vardenafil should not take when used nitroglycerin, isosorbide dinitrate, and mononitrate. Taking both pills together may cause a drop in blood pressure.

Patients have used Vardenafil medicine to make their penis erect during sex. Due to the effect of this medicine, the patient’s penis is getting erectile for more than 4 hours, then contact your sexologist doctor immediately because the for a long while penis can be erect of the man, so that is not good. One should remain calm when there is no feeling. Otherwise, excessive damage can see in that erect penis.

What should I avoid while taking this pill?

There may be some side effects of taking grapefruit with Vardenafil. Similarly, drinking alcohol can also reduce the effects of Vardenafil. Treatment of impotence can cure with an erectile dysfunction pill, but do not consume any tablets without asking the doctor.

Conduct any missed dose

You can take Vardenafil tablets at any time. No timetable selects for taking this tablet. Make it a habit to take vardenafil only once a day. The dose misses, take it, such that there is a gap of 24 hours between the timing of 2 pills.


Vardenafil is a secure tablet for all erectile dysfunction patients. It is available at the market at affordable prices. Vardenafil has again made happy to males with lots of erections in the male penis.