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The use of Tadalafil has proved to be excellent in prostate disease. It has also proved to be a panacea for the symptoms of BPH. Tadalafil drug improves urine flow by reducing the difficulty and weak urination stream. Tadalafil Tablets act on the muscles of the prostate and bladder. It relaxes those muscles. Tadalafil can make any man get an erection and keep the erection of the man’s penis for a long time. This medicine will not work in any venereal disease. To have better sex than this, the use of condoms, consider the right option. The patient will also avoid the ills of sex and erectile dysfunction. For more information, the patient can ask their sexual doctor.

How to take Tadalafil by Erectile Patients

Before consuming the Tadalafil tablet, it is considered the right thing for you to ask your doctor. Tadalafil tablet is to be swallowed whole with water but not necessarily with or after food. It is important not to chew the medicine. Tadalafil tablet is not to consume more than once a day. The correct dosage of this medicine is 10 mg. Buy this tablet only on doctor’s prescription in the market.

Side effects of Tadalafil

These side effects of Tadalafil (headache, feeling sick, flushing of the face, runny nose, muscle pain, chest problems, and hearing loss) have been observed for some time if there is a health problem in the patient’s body.

Who can and can’t take Tadalafil

Before taking any medicines, you have to be aware. The correct age to take this medicine is more than 18 years. And those who cannot take this medicine, like, someone who is allergic to Tadalafil chemical, someone who has chest pain from nitric, someone who has heart and liver disease, someone who has stroke disease, or someone who has high blood pressure.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding during Tadalafil effect

Any woman in the world, who has pulmonary hypertension, can be cured by taking Tadalafil tablets. But remember that taking Tadalafil tablets during pregnancy or during breastfeeding is not less than any dangerous. It is better than you can alert the doctor by telling him about your pregnancy or breastfeeding. This can help women avoid taking Tadalafil.


It is advisable to take the Tadalafil tablet is approved by the FDA. By taking Tadalafil tablets, men can again see a strong erection in their penis during sex. So it is better to listen to the doctor and buy these tablets from the market only with his advice.