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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in men. The disease ratio increases over the years because before 1990, the disease was seen only in men over 40 ages. Nowadays we can see at the age of 20 to 40. It is a big problem in this age group. As this age group, the ratio is increasing day by day. In the US, 3 out of every 5th man can define as having erectile dysfunction. In Erectile Dysfunction, men can’t make an erection in their penis during sex. In other words, men can’t maintain that erection for a long time in their penis during sex. A female partner may not be sexually satisfied with her male partner. So, she will leave her partner, and there is a possibility that she may find a new male partner for sexual satisfaction.

Disadvantages Erectile Dysfunction

  • Men unable to create an erection during sex
  • Unable to maintain an erection during sex
  • While erectile dysfunction, sex drive decreases because men’s penis can’t erect.
  • Men married life destroy.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The three main reasons for the erectile dysfunction symptoms can see in every erectile patient. Such as, men cannot get an erection, men cannot maintain an erection in their penis for a long time, and the sexual desire of men starts decreasing gradually.

When to see a doctor avoid the risk of erectile dysfunction?

If you can’t get an erection during sex or see your semen coming out of your penis prematurely, you may be stressed. You have health-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and other health diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction. All this happens, without any delay, you can consult your sexologist’s doctor. Only then will knowing whether you have erectile dysfunction or not.

Mental causes of being erectile patient

If any man has a great mind, he can get everything easy. In this too, preparing a romantic atmosphere for sex in the human mind before having sex is also a mind game. The man’s mind is not feeling the sensation of sex due to some stress. Due to this, men are becoming a victim of health-related diseases. That is also a problem that is enough to make a man a patient of erectile.

Physiological causes of being erectile patient

In cases of erectile dysfunction, we see blockages in the veins, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, tobacco use and infections in the penis, stress, depression, anxiety, and mental health.

Mandatory test in erectile dysfunction

Usually, doctors ask for physical tests and personal relation-based questions and answers from that patient. But in some cases, doctors see that some serious problems like patients have already had many chronic health-related diseases in their body, and then doctors ask patients. At that time, many more tests have need.

The doctor can alert you to the physical exam because he examines your penis and testicles thoroughly in the exam and tells how many nerves are defective.

The doctor may ask you to give blood in the second test report because the doctor finds out about any other health-related disease (heart disease, diabetes, low testosterone) from this report. The patient’s blood sample was sent to the laboratory for testing.

If the blood test report does not show signs of diabetes, it may also be found in a urine test. For this reason, the doctor also asks to get the report of urine test done.

The patient’s all the above reports are correct. The next step is the doctor will check the blood flow in the blood vessel of the penis to see if the patient has an erection. For this, he asks to get the ultrasound report done. The patient will go to a lab room for this report, and there will be a specialist already present who will use a stick-like transducer over the blood vessels of that patient’s penis. It will let the doctor know whether the blood in the penis is flowing proper manner or not.

The final report will be that patient does not take too much stress about anything? The reason for going into depression is extraordinary stress. And there is also the risk of erectile dysfunction. To know all this, the doctor takes a psychological exam. This exam takes by a doctor for asks questions related to a relative with your relation, sex relation.

Treatments of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem in men, removed with natural methods and drug methods. The Doctors give only one erectile dysfunction pill to remove erectile dysfunction in men. The doctor’s advice is to eat healthy food and drink Vitamin C juice with daily exercise. Many experts advise staying away from cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol.

Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil for erectile dysfunction, these four brands are the best to treat erectile dysfunction in men. But all pills work by increasing blood flow to relax the muscles of the penis. Through this, men will have a strong erection in the penis but note that this will happen only when the patient thinks the sex activity in his mind.

All these pills have many side effects. If the patients follow the doctor’s advice, then the patients stay away from the side effects of these medicines.

Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Medication

We demonstrate here some common points about the side effects of erectile pills, such as headache, body aches, digestive problems, vision changes, runny nose.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction in men?

  • Stay away from smoking, tobacco, alcohol, stress.
  • Try to daily doing Exercise.
  • Try to work on diabetes and heart disease with your doctor.
  • Try to overcome mental illness in your mind.

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